University of Wisconsin–Madison

History Ph.D.'s Awarded Since 1893

Last NameFirst NameAdvisorCo-AdvisorDegree DateAcademic YearFieldTitle
Savran Scott Morgan, David O. 05/2011 2010-2011 Middle East History, Mamluk Sultanate "Eloquent Tribesmen, Dignified Sheikhs, and Pompous Kings: Conceptualizing Early Islamic Historical Accounts of Arab-Sasanian Encounters in the Context of the 'Abbasid High Culture'"
Everest Kate Turner, Frederick Jackson 06/1893 1892-1893 "German Immigration into Wisconsin"
Libby Orin Turner, Frederick Jackson 06/1895 1894-1895 "Distribution of the Vote of the Thirteen States on the Ratification of the Federal Constitutioin, 1787, 1788"
Alden George Advisor Unknown 05/1896 1896-1897 "New Governments West of the Alleghenies before 1870"
Reinsch Paul Advisor Unknown 06/1898 1897-1898 "The Attitude of the American to the English Common Law"
Sanborn John Advisor Unknown 06/1899 1898-1899 "Congressional Grants of Land in Aid of Railways"
Kellogg Louise Turner, Frederick Jackson 06/1901 1900-1901 "The Colonial Charter: A Study in English Colonial Administration"
McCarthy Charles Advisor Unknown 06/1901 1900-1901 "The Anti-Masonic Party"
Larson Laurence Advisor Unknown 06/1902 1901-1902 English History "The Household of the English Kings before the Norman Conquest"
Reed Anna Turner, Frederick Jackson 06/1902 1901-1902 "The Revolution in Hawaii"
Pooley William Advisor Unknown 06/1905 1904-1905 "The Settlement of Illinois from 1830-1848"
Clark Robert Advisor Unknown 05/1905 1904-1905 "The Beginnings of Texas, 1684-1718"
Schafer Joseph Hicks, John D. 06/1906 1905-1906 "The Acquisition of Oregon by the United States"
Way Royal Turner, Frederick Jackson 06/1906 1905-1906 "Internal Improvements in the U.S. 1817-1829"
Crawford Clarence Hart, E. B. 06/1906 1905-1906 History of English Law "The Suspension of the Habeus Corpus Act in England"
Conger John Advisor Unknown 06/1907 1906-1907 "Nullification of South Carolina"
Becker Carl Turner, Frederick Jackson 05/1907 1906-1907 "History of Political Parties in New York Province, 1760-1776"
Ford Amelia Turner, Frederick Jackson 06/1908 1907-1908 "Colonial Precedents for the National Land System of the U.S."
Tuthill James Advisor Unknown 06/1908 1907-1908 "The Popes and the Crusades, 1073-1198"
Ambler Charles Advisor Unknown 05/1908 1907-1908 "Sectionalism in Virginia: 1776-1861"
Duncalf Frederic Monroe, Charles Rexford 06/1909 1908-1909 Medieval "The Peasant's Crusade"
Trimble William Advisor Unknown 06/1909 1908-1909 "The Mining Advance into the Inland Empire"
Schmitt Bernadotte Advisor Unknown 06/1910 1909-1910 "British Policy and the Execution of the Treaty of Berlin, 1878-1887"
Scholz Richard Advisor Unknown 06/1910 1909-1910 Roman "Municipal and Feudal Tendencies in Roman Imperial Government and Administration"
White Melvin Advisor Unknown 06/1910 1909-1910 "The Secession Movement in the U.S. 1847-1852"
Brooks Robert Advisor Unknown 05/1912 1911-1912 "History of Agricultural Labor, 1865-1910"
West Allen Advisor Unknown 06/1912 1911-1912 "The History of the Chalcidian League"
Scott Jonathan Advisor Unknown 06/1913 1912-1913 "Some Phases of the History of the English Apprenticeship System"
Carson William Turner, Frederick Jackson 05/1914 1913-1914 "Social and Economic Reconstruction in North Carolina"
Krey August Munro, Dana Carlson 06/1914 1913-1914 "The Latin Patri-archate in the Kingdom of Jerusalem"
Webster Homer Advisor Unknown 06/1914 1913-1914 "The Democratic Party in the Northwest from 1828-1854"
Garson William Advisor Unknown 06/1914 1913-1914
Oliver John Advisor Unknown 06/1915 1914-1915 US technology 1620-1940; CW Pensions History of the Civil War Military Pensions, 1861-1865"
Byrne Eugene Munro, Dana Carlson 05/1915 1914-1915 "Italian Colonies in Syria During the Crusades"
Gallagher Katharine Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1915 1914-1915 West; Pre-Civil War "Social Background of the Old Northwest, 1835-1859"
Wing Herbert Advisor Unknown 06/1915 1914-1915 "The Financial Relations of Athens to her Allies in the Fifth Century"
Hicks John Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1916 1915-1916 "Western State Making, 1888-1890"
Gutsch Milton Munro, Dana Carlson 06/1916 1915-1916 Britain and British Empire "Preparations for the Fourth Crusade"
Hockett Homer Advisor Unknown 06/1916 1915-1916 "Western Influence on American Political Parties to 1825"
Custer John Advisor Unknown 06/1917 1916-1917 "The Constitutional Act of 1791: A Study in British Colonial Policy for the Period from 1774 to 1791"
Murphey Hermon Advisor Unknown 06/1918 1917-1918 "Mugwump Movement of 1884"
Cotterill Robert Advisor Unknown 05/1919 1918-1919 "Improvement of Transportation in the Mississippi Valley, 1845-1850"
Knaplund Paul Advisor Unknown 06/1919 1918-1919 "The Defense Question in the British Colonies with Emphasis on 1859-1914"
Raney William Advisor Unknown 06/1919 1918-1919 "The Diplomatic and Military Activites of Canada, 1861-1865, as Affected by the American Civil War"
Brown Sidney Boardman, Eugene 05/1919 1918-1919 Japanese History "Kido Takayoshi and the Meiji Restoration"
Titus (Mendenhall) Maud Advisor Unknown 06/1920 1919-1920 "Mineral Resources of the Roman Empire, Sources of Information and Places of Deposits"
Brandt Walther Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1920 1919-1920 "Steel and the New Navy, 1802-1895"
McMurry Donald Fish, Carl Russell 06/1921 1920-1921 "Civil War Military Pensions, Labor History in the U.S.--Especially Late Nineteenth Century, the Pullman Strike"
Gronert Theodore Fish, Carl Russell 06/1921 1920-1921 Diplomatic Relations; US West; Indian History "The History of the Business Corporation in the United States Previous to 1860"
Van Cleve Thomas Sellery, George Clark 06/1921 1920-1921 Medieval "A Study of the Sources of the 'De Sphacra Mundi' of Joannes De Sacrobosco or John Halywood"
Nash John Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1922 1921-1922 "British Policy in the Near East, 1830-1841"
Crawford Finla Fish, Carl Russell 06/1922 1921-1922 "Manufacturing in the United States, 1860-1870"
Riegel Robert Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1922 1921-1922 "Trans-Mississippi Construction to 1900"
Peterson (Shine) Mary Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1922 1921-1922 "Ideas of the Founders of the American Nation on Landed Property"
Sellers James Fish, Carl Russell 06/1922 1921-1922 "The Extinction of the Credit Class in the South, 1860-1870"
Oldfather Charles Rostovtzeff, Michael I. 06/1922 1921-1922 "The Greek Literary Papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt. A Study in the History of Civilization"
Johannesen Rolf Rostovtzeff, Michael I. 06/1923 1922-1923 "Timgad: A Study in the Social and Economic History of a Roman Provincial Town in Africa"
Andressohn John Byrne, Eugene Hugh 05/1923 1922-1923 "Ancestry and Early Life of Godfrey of Bouillon"
Ferrell Clyde Root, Winfred Trexler 06/1923 1922-1923 "The Massachusetts Colonial Agents in England"
Baker-Crothers Hayes Root, Winfred Trexler 05/1924 1923-1924 Colonial US "Virginia and the Frontier Problem during the French and Indian War"
Bennett Earl Root, Winfred Trexler 05/1925 1924-1925 US "Parliament and the Colonies"
Robinson Florence Fish, Carl Russell 06/1925 1924-1925 "Reform Movements of the Thirties-Forties"
Wilgus Alva Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1925 1924-1925 "The United States and the International American Conferences"
Ragatz Lowell Ogg, Frederic Austin 06/1925 1924-1925 "The Decline of the British West Indies, 1763-1833. A Study in the Fall of the Planter Class"
Albjerg Esther Fish, Carl Russell 05/1925 1924-1925 "A Critique of the New York Daily Press during Reconstruction, 1865-1869"
Buley Roscoe Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1925 1924-1925 Middle Western, Business History "The Political Balance in the Northwest, 1820-1860"
Prescott Frank Advisor Unknown 06/1925 1924-1925 "The Construction of the Antebellum Railroads in the East"
Wellborn Fred Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1926 1925-1926 "The Silver Republicans, 1890-1900"
Deutsch Herman Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1926 1925-1926 19th Century US "Political Forces in Wisconsin, 1871-1881"
Dole Esther Fish, Carl Russell 06/1926 1925-1926 "Municipal Improvements in the U.S. 1840-1850"
Nettels Curtis Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1926 1925-1926 "Aspects of the Federal Relations of the Frontier, 1815-1830"
Albjerg Victor Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1926 1925-1926 "Federal Practice Toward Internal Improvements, 1789-1860"
Farrar Victor Fish, Carl Russell 06/1927 1926-1927 "The Acquisition of Alaska"
Farmer Hallie Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1927 1926-1927 "The Recession of the Frontier"
Smith William Fish, Carl Russell 06/1927 1926-1927 "The Francis Preston Blair Family in Politics to the Fall of the 'Globe'"
Gray (Gearhart) Virginia Fish, Carl Russell 06/1927 1926-1927 Pre-Civil War; History of the South "The Southern Woman, 1840-1860"
Livingston Walter Root, Winfred Trexler 06/1927 1926-1927 British Empire; Diplomatic; Constitutional "The Evolution of Responsible Government in Nova Scotia"
Osgood Ernest Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1927 1926-1927 American Frontier "The Northern Cattle Range 1865-1890"
Smith Paul Fish, Carl Russell 06/1927 1926-1927 "The Democratic Opposition in the American Civil War"
Reynolds Robert Byrne, Eugene Hugh 06/1928 1927-1928 Medieval "The Trans-Alpine Commerce of Genoa, 1179-1200, According to the Notarial Archives of the City"
Fowler Dorothy Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1928 1927-1928 Late 19th Century; Political; Admin. Experience "The Federal Influence of Wisconsin on Federal Politics from 1880-1906"
Barnes James Fish, Carl Russell 05/1928 1927-1928 Late 19th Century "Life of John E Carlisle"
Tilberg Wilbur Advisor Unknown 06/1928 1927-1928 "The Democrats and the Tariff, 1883-1888"
Easum Chester Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1928 1927-1928 Germany since 1815 "The Americanization of Carl Schurz"
Valentine Laverne Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1928 1927-1928 "The American Territorial Governor"
Lindegren Alina Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1928 1927-1928 "The Federal Government in American Education"
Schell Herbert Fish, Carl Russell 06/1929 1928-1929 "Inflationism, 1862-1878"
Ogg Eva Fish, Carl Russell 06/1929 1928-1929
Laub Carl Advisor Unknown 06/1929 1928-1929 "The Land Problem in the Ohio Valley, 1775-1784"
Eggleston George Fish, Carl Russell 06/1929 1928-1929 Civil War/ Reconstruction; Negro History, Educatio "The Number, Care, and Disposition of the Negroes by the Union Forces During the Civil War"
Warren Alice Fish, Carl Russell 06/1929 1928-1929 "John Catton: The Father of Boston"
Hilton Ora Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1929 1928-1929 Military; Political; 20th Century "The Control of Public Opinion in the U.S. during the World War"
Otis Delos Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1929 1928-1929 "The Rise of National Prohibition, 1870-1919"
Ganoe John Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1929 1928-1929 Late 19th Century; West "Federal Reclamation Policies"
Helderman Leonard Fish, Carl Russell 06/1929 1928-1929 "Origins of the National Banking System: A Study of State Bank Experience"
McClendon Robert Fish, Carl Russell 06/1929 1928-1929 American Gov't; Organization for Nat'l Defense "The Treaty Making Power of the Senate"
Robbins Roy Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1929 1928-1929 "History of the Preemption of the Public Land 1780-1890"
Bright John Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1930 1929-1930 US Political, Kansas History "Sectional Aspects of the Federal Grants-in Aid"
Costigan Giovanni Higby, Chester 05/1930 1929-1930 British History "A Soldiers of Fortune in the Napoleonic Wars: A Study of the Career of Sir Robert Wilson, 1794-1815"
Mock James Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1930 1929-1930 "Panama and Nicaragua Canal Rivalry, 1870-1903"
Klinger Allen Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1930 1929-1930 "The National Nominating Convention, 1830-1860"
Erickson Edgar Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1930 1929-1930 British Empire History; Military History "History of Indian Coolie Labor in the British West Indies"
Dick Everett Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1930 1929-1930 Colonial Social "The Adventist Crisis of 1843 to 1844"
Hawkins Glenn Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1930 1929-1930 Revolution; West "Western Pennsylvania in the Revolutionary War"
Bjork Kenneth Knaplund, Paul A. 05/1930 1929-1930 European Immigration "Count George Herbert Munster and Anglo-German Relations, 1873-1885"
Kiniery Francis Fish, Carl Russell 06/1930 1929-1930 Colonial; Economic "The Development of Currency in Early New York"
Beard Marshall Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1930 1929-1930 "The Collegiate System in the United States, 1870-1902"
Hamilton William Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1930 1929-1930 Economic; West; Early National "Commonwealth Banking and Relief of the Western Debtor, 1819-1829"
Mahan Dean Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1930 1929-1930 "The Trans-Allegheny States and the Tariff 1816-1833"
Blackenburg Howard Higby, Chester 05/1931 1930-1031 Modern Europe "The Extension of the Code: Napoleon into Germany"
Wilkerson Marcus Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1931 1930-1931 "Public Opinion and the Spanish-American War"
Schneider John Vasiliev, Alexander 06/1931 1930-1931 "The Scope and Content of and Some Reflections upon the Papyui for the Period of Diocletian as Found in the Oxyrhyinchus Collection"
Willis Mary Fish, Carl Russell 06/1931 1930-1931 "The History of American Protestant Missions in India"
Shoemaker Alice Fish, Carl Russell 06/1931 1930-1931 "Developments in the Field of Adult Education in the U.S. in the Second and Third Quarters of the Nineteenth Century"
Chapman Berlin Paxson, Frederick Logan 05/1931 1930-1931 UW West "Federal Management and Disposition of the Lands of the Oklahoma Territory"
Glover Wilbur Fish, Carl Russell 06/1931 1930-1931 Economic; 19th C; Admin. Experience "Prohibition in the United States before 1860"
Harris Lyman Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1931 1930-1931 France since 1815; Britain and British Empire "Anglo-French Relations, 1856-1860"
Klotsche Johannes Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1931 1930-1931 "The Star Route Frauds"
Evans Edward Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1931 1930-1931 British and British Empire "From Peel to Chamberlain: A Study of British Intra-Imperial Tariff Relations from 1846-1914"
Gooddell La Vone Fish, Carl Russell 06/1931 1930-1931 "A Comparative Study of Methods for Raising Volunteers during the Civil War"
Sappington Newton Higby, Chester 06/1932 1931-1932 "The Cisalpine Republic"
Hamilton Bertha Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1932 1931-1932 "Colonization of Pennsylvania"
Silveus Marian Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1932 1931-1932 "The Antecendents of the Campaign of 1896"
Bradshaw Mary Higby, Chester 05/1932 1931-1932 France Since 1815 "The Illyrian Provinces"
Pierson Coen Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1932 1931-1932 "Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Persia, 1878-1914"
Krueger Hilmar Reynolds, Robert 06/1932 1931-1932 Medieval; Economic "The Commercial Relations Between Genoa and Northwest Africa in the Twelfth Century"
Vedeler Harold Higby, Chester 06/1933 1932-1933 "Religious Toleration in Bavaria during the Napoleonic Period"
Fuller Leon Hicks, John D. 06/1933 1932-1933 US West "The Populist Regime in Colorado"
Hill Henry Higby, Chester 06/1933 1932-1933 France to 1815 "The French Influence upon the Constitutions of Europe, 1795-1799"
Ramsay Hazel Vasiliev, Alexander 06/1933 1932-1933 "The 'Scriptous Augustae': A Critical Study of the Reliability as a Source of the 'Vita Alexandri Severi'"
Wilcox Benton Hicks, John D. 06/1933 1932-1933 "A Reconsideration of the Character and Economic Basis of Northwestern Radicalism"
Cole Margaret Reynolds, Robert 05/1933 1932-1933 Medieval History "Aspects of Medieval Credit Operations: A Study Based on the Genoese Notarial Records of the Late 12th and Early 13th Centuries"
Still Bayrd Hicks, John D. 06/1933 1932-1933 "State Constitutional Development in the United States, 1829-1851"
Gant George Paxson, Frederick Logan 06/1934 1933-1934 Civil War; Economics; Administrative Experience "Confederate Trade, 1861-1865"
Lewis Ewart Sellery, George Clark 06/1934 1933-1934 Medieval "Personality in the Chansons de Geste"
House Albert Hicks, John D. 06/1934 1933-1934 Economic; Political; 19th Century "The Political Career of Samuel Jackson Randall"
Jensen Merrill Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1934 1933-1934 Revolution; Early National; Constitution "The Articles of Confederation"
Bailkey Nels Vasiliev, Alexander 05/1934 1933-1934 Ancient History "The Rise and Development of Individualism in Sumerian Civilization: A Contribution to the History of Education"
Sweet Paul Higby, Chester 06/1934 1933-1934 "Friedrich von Gentz and the Austrian State"
Knowles Margaret Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1935 1934-1935 Britain and British Empire "The Expansion of British Influence in the Malay Peninsula, 1867-1885: A Study in Nineteenth Century Imperialism"
Dunbar Robert Higby, Chester 05/1935 1934-1935 "The Napoleonic Regime in Piedmont and Liguria, 1801-1814"
Johnson Samuel Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1935 1934-1935 "The New England Emigrant Aid Company"
Armstrong Sinclair Higby, Chester 05/1935 1934-1935 Modern Germany "Social-Democrats and the International Relations of Germany in the Time of Bismarck"
Becker Sarah Hicks, John D. 05/1935 1934-1935 "The Attack on Aliens in the United States, 1917-1921"
Chapin (Furber) Elizabeth Reynolds, Robert 06/1935 1934-1935 "The towns of the fairs of Champagne from their origins until the beginning of the 14th Century"
Neufeld Maurice Hicks, John D. 06/1935 1934-1935 "The Contribution of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 to the Idea of a Planned Society in the U.S.: A Study of Administrative, Financial, Esthetic, Sociological, and Intellectual Planning"
Nicholson Donald Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1935 1934-1935 "History of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan"
Onsgard Henry Higby, Chester 06/1935 1934-1935 "The Influence of the French Revolution on Baden during the Napoleonic Period"
Paullin William Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1935 1934-1935 "Money and Credit in Western Trade, 1816-1836"
Thedinga Ernest Higby, Chester 06/1935 1934-1935 "Secularization in Bavaria during the Napoleonic Era"
Schwarting Albert Higby, Chester 06/1935 1934-1935 German "Northwest Germany, 1789-1815"
Weidman John Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1935 1934-1935 "The Economic Development of Pennsylvania until 1723"
Bauer Theodore Higby, Chester 05/1935 1934-1935 "The Introduction of Conscription in Germany during the Napoleonic Period"
Charanis Peter Vasiliev, Alexander 05/1935 1934-1935 Byzantine "The Religious Policy of Anastasius I: Emperor of a Later Roman Empire, 491-518"
Gunderson Dora Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1935 1934-1935 Britain and British Empire "The Development of the Cotton Industry in India"
Hunt George Hicks, John D. 06/1936 1935-1936 "The Inter-Tribal Relations of the Great Lakes Indian Tribes"
Ragen Katherine Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1936 1935-1936 "Alexander Hamilton's Economic Policy"
Lawrence Lee Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1936 1935-1936 Britain and British Empire "The British Administration of Cyprus, 1878-1914"
Longhorn Milton Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1936 1935-1936 "The Rise of the Merchant Class in Rhode Island"
Cochran John Knaplund, Paul A. 05/1936 1935-1936 British History "Sir Arthur Gordon's Administration of Fiji: A Study in Native Policy"
Kern Alexander Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1936 1935-1936 "The Economic Thought of Some Southern Democratic Political Leaders, 1800-1860"
Altenhofen Sister Mary Higby, Chester 05/1936 1935-1936 Modern Europe "The Continental System in Spain as Illustrated by American Trade"
Sires Ronald Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1936 1935-1936 "Jamaica in Decline, 1834-1856"
Harrison John Higby, Chester 06/1937 1936-1937 France to 1815 "The Continental System in Italy as Revealed by American Commerce"
Easton Jason Higby, Chester 05/1937 1936-1937 French and German History "The Social and Economic Reforms of Count Rumford in Bavaria"
Woodbridge George Higby, Chester 06/1937 1936-1937 "La Roche-sur-Yon, 1804-1814: An Experiment in Town Planning under Napoleon"
Williams Thomas Hesseltine, William B. 06/1937 1936-1937 Civil War; Military; Political "The Committee on the Conduct of the War: A Study in Civil War Politics"
McCormick James (Father) Reynolds, Robert 06/1938 1937-1938 Medieval "Clergymen and Clerical Bodies as Factors in the Business Life of Genoa in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries"
Mowry George Hicks, John D. 06/1938 1937-1938 20th Century; Political "Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement"
Wearing Leo Hesseltine, William B. 06/1938 1937-1938 "The Adoption of the Constitution: An Effort to Promote National Economic Independence"
Wood Herbert Easum. Chester 06/1938 1937-1938 "Prologue to War, Anglo-Chinese Conflict, 1800-1834"
Carter Harvey Hicks, John D. 05/1938 1937-1938 US West, 18th and 19th Century "A Decade of Hoosier History: Indiana, 1850-1860"
Argoe Kostis Vasiliev, Alexander 05/1938 1937-1938 Ancient History "John Kyriotes Geometres: A Tenth Century Byzantine Writer"
Dearing Mary Hesseltine, William B. 05/1938 1937-1938 Civil War, 19th Century US "Civil War Veterans in Politics"
Quenzel Carrol Hicks, John D. 06/1938 1937-1938 "Society in New York and Chicago 1888-1900"
Britton Ruth Reynolds, Robert 05/1938 1937-1938 Medieval "Genoese Trade with Provence, Languedoc, Spain, and the Balearics in the 12th Century"
Fries Robert Hicks, John D. 06/1939 1938-1939 Political; 20th Century "A History of the Lumber Industry in Wisconsin"
Plath Raymond Nettels, Curtis Putnam 06/1939 1938-1939 "British Mercantilism and British Colonial Land Policy in the 18th Century"
Ruppenthal Roland Higby, Chester 06/1939 1938-1939 "Denmark and the Continental System"
Smith George Hesseltine, William B. 06/1939 1938-1939 Civil War "Generative Forces of Union Propaganda: A Study in Civil War Pressure Groups"
Wee Reverend Morris Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1939 1938-1939 "Great Britain and the Armenian Question, 1879-1914"
Clewes Carolyn Knaplund, Paul A. 05/1939 1938-1939 US 20th Century Intellectual, Social "Sir James Mackintosh as a Reformer in Early 19th Century England"
Kennedy Charles Hicks, John D. 06/1940 1939-1940 "The Congregationalists and the Presbyterians on the Wisconsin Frontier"
Marquette Clare Hicks, John D. 06/1940 1939-1940 20th C; West, Economic "The Business Activities of C. C. Washburn"
Morley (Moszczynski) Charles Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1940 1939-1940 French to 1815; Russian and East European "The Origin of Modern Administration in Poland: A Study of the Napoleonic Administration System in the Ducy of Warsaw, 1807-1813"
Clark Joseph Hicks, John D. 05/1940 1939-1940 US West "The Ponca Indian Agency"
Thompson Edwin Hesseltine, William B. 06/1940 1939-1940 "Benjamin Helm Bristow: Symbol of Reform"
Saloutos Theodore Hicks, John D. 06/1940 1939-1940 20th Century; Economic; Social; Agricultural "Farm Movements Since 1902"
Quarles Benjamin Hesseltine, William B. 05/1940 1939-1940 19th Century, Civil War, Political "Public Life of Frederick Douglas"
Current Richard Hesseltine, William B. 05/1940 1939-1940 19th Century US "Thaddeus Stevens: The man and the Politician"
Thelander Theodore Post, Gaines 06/1940 1939-1940 "University, Papacy, and Nationalism at the end of the Middle Ages: The University of Paris and the French Monarchy"
Forman Charles Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1941 1940-1941 Britain and the British Empire "Science for Empire: Britain's Development of the Empire Through Scientific Research, 1895-1940"
Schafer Joseph Hicks, John D. 06/1941 1940-1941 "The Presidential Election of 1896"
White Edward Hicks, John D. 06/1941 1940-1941 Late 19th Century; Political "The Republican Party in National Politics, 1888-1891"
Hammen Oscar Higby, Chester 06/1941 1940-1941 Germany since 1815; Admin. Experience "Separate Tendencies in the Rhine Province, 1815-1850"
Monroe Charles Higby, Chester 06/1941 1940-1941 "The Origins of the French Prefectural System"
Holtman Robert Higby, Chester 06/1941 1940-1941 France to and since 1815 "The Use of Propaganda by Napoleon"
Ernst Dorothy Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1942 1941-1942 20th Century; Economic "The Social Policies of David Lloyd George"
Juday Mary Post, Gaines Reynolds, Robert 06/1942 1941-1942 Britain and British Empire "The Cornhills and the Nevilles: A Study in Early Angevin Administrative History"
Freidel Frank Hesseltine, William B. 06/1942 1941-1942 20th Century; Political; 19th Century "Francis Lieber, 19th Century Liberal"
Merrill Horace (Sam) Hesseltine, William B. 06/1942 1941-1942 Civil War; Political "The Bourbon Democracy of the Upper Middle West, 1865-1896"
Lopez Robert Reynolds, Robert 06/1942 1941-1942 Medieval "State Colleges, Public Monopolies and 'Regalia' in the Roman and Byzantine Empires"
Hantke Richard Hicks, John D. 06/1942 1941-1942 Political; West; Late 19th C; Admin. Experience "The Life of Elisha Williams Keyes"
Stampp Kenneth Hesseltine, William B. 06/1942 1941-1942 Civil War; Political "Indiana in the Civil War"
Jenkins Warren Hicks, John D. 06/1942 1941-1942 Diplomatic "The Foreign Policy of the Chicago Tribune, 1914-1917: A Program in National Self-Interest"
Koenig Duane Higby, Chester 02/1943 1942-1943 France to and since 1815 "The Napoleonic Regime in Tuscany, 1807-1814"
Rummell Father Leo Higby, Chester 05/1945 1944-1945 "The Third French Republic and the Religious Associations"
Metz William Jensen, Merrill 09/1945 1944-1945 Colonial; Economic; Political "Politics and Finance in Massachusetts, 1713-1714"
Lund Franze Knaplund, Paul A. 01/1945 1944-1945 "The British Chartered Companies, 1877-1900"
Gustafson Richard Higby, Chester 05/1945 1944-1945 French History since 1815 "Louis Blanc and the Revolution of 1848"
Smith Marc Curti, Merle 06/1946 1945-1946 "Joseph Brant: A Mohawk Statesman"
Smith Henry Curti, Merle 01/1946 1945-1946 "Airways: The History of Commercial Aviation in the United States"
Brown Robert Harrington, Fred Harvey 05/1946 1945-1946 Early Colonial "The Road to Revolution in Massachusetts"
Klement Frank Harrington, Fred Harvey Hesseltine, William B. 01/1946 1945-1946 Civil War; Politics "Middle Western Copperheadism: Jeffersonian Democracy in Revolt"
Lovell Colin Knaplund, Paul A. 05/1947 1946-1947 Britain and British Empire "Hertzog and the South Africa Nationalist Party"
McGrath Albertus (Sister) Knaplund, Paul A. 01/1947 1946-1947 "The History of the Anglo-Catholic Movement, 1850-1875"
McDonnell Ernest Reynolds, Robert 06/1947 1946-1947 Medieval "Jacob van Maerlant: A Study in Social and Intellectual History of Thirteenth Century Flanders"
Shen (Kuo) Margaret Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1947 1946-1947 Britain and British Empire; East Asian "British Trade in China, 1894-1914"
Woolfolk George Hesseltine, William B. 06/1947 1946-1947 "The Cotton Regency: The Northern Merchants and Reconstruction, 1865-1880"
Proctor Alvin Knaplund, Paul A. 06/1948 1947-1948 "Gladstone and the British Constitution"
Parker Garland Knaplund, Paul A. 08/1948 1947-1948 Britain and British Empire "British Native Policy in Kenya and Uganda, 1885-1939"
Rayback Robert Hesseltine, William B. 06/1948 1947-1948 "Biography of Millard Filmore, Thirteenth President of the United States"
Goodwin Ralph Knaplund, Paul A. 08/1949 1948-1949 Britain and British Empire "Aspects of Anglo-Egyptian Relations, 1919-1942"
Logan Bernard Higby, Chester 08/1949 1948-1949 "French Railroad Development, 1852-1859"
Bowers Robert Curti, Merle 05/1949 1948-1949 20th Century US, Diplomatic "The American Peace Movement, 1933-1941"
Blaisdell Lowell Higby, Chester 05/1949 1948-1949 Social and Intellectual "Jules Ferry and the Government of National Defense"
Tegeder Father Vincent Hesseltine, William B. 01/1949 1948-1949 Civil War; West "The Territories and the Lincoln Administration"
Penn Donald Higby, Chester 08/1949 1948-1949 French since 1815 "The Dreyfus and Millerand Crises and the French Socialist Party"
Bentley George Hesseltine, William B. 05/1949 1948-1949 Late 19th Century, US South "A History of the Freedman's Bureau"
Higham John Curti, Merle 01/1949 1948-1949 Social and Intellectual; 19th and 20th C "European Immigration in American Patriotic Thought, 1885-1925"
Lindley Katherine Higby, Chester 06/1949 1948-1949 "The Rise of the Dutch Patriots and the Revolution of 1787"
Main Jackson Jensen, Merrill 01/1949 1948-1949 Revolution; Early National; Constitutional "The Anti-Federalist Party, 1781-1788"
Wyllie Irvin Curti, Merle 06/1949 1948-1949 Social & Intellectual; 19th Century "The Cult of the Self-Made Man in America, 1830-1910"
Montgomery Clifford Knaplund, Paul A. 08/1949 1948-1949 Britain and British Empire "The External Policy of the Australian Commonwealth"
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